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Dallas Nevins’ garage

For Dallas Nevins, Clutch means freedom, spontaneity, and not being tied down or held back.

Mom Duties

✔︎ Seats six    ✔︎ Bluetooth calling

✔︎ Carpool ready

Date Night

✔︎ Seats two    ✔︎ Super sporty

✔︎ Turning heads

Parade Crew

✔︎ Seats four    ✔︎ Top down

✔︎ Wind in my hair

Lovell Family garage

Clutch ensures the Lovell family drives the right car for every adventure.

Date Night

✔︎ Seats two    ✔︎ Bluetooth connected

✔︎ Something fast

Family That Bikes Together

✔︎ Seats six    ✔︎ Tow hitch

✔︎ Four-wheel drive

Keys To The Jeep

✔︎ Seats four    ✔︎ Four-wheel drive

✔︎ Big tires

3535 Piedmont Rd NE
Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30305
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