Since 2014, Clutch's mission has been to enable vehicle subscription across the automotive industry. To create a first customer for our technology, we established an Atlanta “lab” that provided a subscription service to several hundred consumers. In our lab, we could test all of the best practices for subscription services for the industry.

Thanks to learnings from our lab, our original mission is now a reality with subscription programs running across the US and Canada using Clutch’s subscription technology platform. 


To better focus on supporting our software platform and partners, we’ve made the decision to sunset the Clutch Atlanta lab. 

However, we are thrilled to offer Atlanta residents access to two of Clutch’s world-class subscription providers, Mercedes-Benz Collection and Porsche Drive. Learn more about the programs and apply for membership below. 


Clutch is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Clutch was acquired in 2018, and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Cox Automotive. Clutch’s technology platform is used every day by the leading brands in automotive. Stores across the USA and Canada are running on Clutch, with new services launching every month. Clutch works with automotive dealerships, OEMs and more. Learn more about the Clutch Subscription Platform by visiting